Community-Picnic with Cook the Commonwealth

The Community Games are teaming up with Birmingham City Council’s ‘Cook the Commonwealth’ project to provide further opportunities to promote and encourage health and wellness at our Community Games events.

To celebrate the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, ‘Cook the Commonwealth’ have collected over 750 recipes from the 72 countries in the Commonwealth. All the recipes are now freely available on Whisk, a recipe-sharing app which originated in the West Midlands – just make a free account and you’ll have hundreds of recipes at your fingertips. From Anguilla to Zambia, there are recipes that span the globe!  You can share your own recipes and try others from all over the world including from our very own chefs and members of the community in Birmingham. 

‘Cook the Commonwealth’ will be attending our Moseley, Canal and River Trust, Sutton Coldfield, Aston, Small Heath and Shard End Community Games events with fun, healthy cooking ideas and competitions.  All to inspire and promote healthy eating from around the Commonwealth. 

As a special collaboration between Birmingham City Council’s ‘Cook the Commonwealth’ and the Community Games, we are encouraging our Community Games visitors to take part in ‘Community- Picnic with Cook the Commonwealth’.  Head to the ‘Community-Picnic’ Whisk page to find picnic recipes that you can make and bring along to our Community Games events:  20+ Community-Picnic – CWG Recipes – Whisk

Bring your picnic to share with friends and family at our Community Games events, and head to the ‘Cook with Commonwealth’ gazebo to share your picnic results with them and get involved with their “Where in the World?” recipe game.

Let’s make this a summer celebrating our city, our cultural heritage, and the importance of health and fitness! Share what you’re cooking and preparing by using #CooktheCommonwealth or share your ‘Community-Picnics’ with us at @commgames and #Community-Picnic.

For more information on our Community Games events visit or contact [email protected].

To get involved with ‘Cook the Commonwealth’ – use the video to choose a country, download the Whisk app and choose a recipe inspired by your flag and then cook and share your creation using #CooktheCommonwealth.

‘Where in the World?’ Recipe Results

Below are the result of the ‘Where in the World’ recipe games that Cook the Commonwealth are running at our Community Games events.  How did you do?

Sutton Coldfield Community Games

Classic Nigerian Jollof RiceNigeria (Africa)Whisk – Classic Nigerian Jollof RiceQuite a few people worked out that this was Nigeria, but people also guessed lots of other places including India and the Caribbean.
Bigilla- Maltese broad bean dipMalta (Europe)Whisk -Bigilla- Maltese broad bean dipSome people identified that this one had Mediterranean influences but no one quite managed to guess that it was from Malta!
Green Banana PancakeNorfolk Island (Pacific)Whisk – Green Banana PancakeMost people thought this was from the Caribbean, but it was actually from Norfolk Island, a tiny island in the Pacific near New Zealand – this one was super hard!
Hashtag #CooktheCommonwealth

Canal and River Trust Community Games

TataleGhana (Africa)Whisk – TataleNo one worked out that this was from Ghana! Some people guessed Africa, but the guesses for this one spanned the globe!
Chef Norman’s Mushroom & Peas ‘Nasi Goreng’Malaysia (Asia)Whisk – Chef Norman’s Mushroom & Peas ‘Nasi Goreng’Most people worked out that this was an Asian dish, but only some got that it was from Malaysia.
Tan Rosie’s Grenadian Stewed ChickenGrenada (Caribbean)Whisk – Tan Rosie’s Grenadian Stewed ChickenQuite a high number of people got that this was from the Caribbean, but only a couple said Grenada!
Hashtag #CooktheCommonwealth

Moseley Community Games

Ika MataCook Islands (Pacific)Whisk – Ika Mata – Raw Fish with Coconut CreamOnly one person correctly guessed this! Ika Mata is from the Cook Islands, a small group of islands in the South Pacific.
Lahori karahiPakistan (Asia)Whisk – Lahori KarahiLots of people got this one – generally helped if they knew that Lahore is a city in Pakistan!
CawlWales (Europe)Whisk – Traditional Welsh Lamb CawlMost people correctly guessed that this one was from the British Island, but not everyone got that cawl is from Wales!
Hashtag #CooktheCommonwealth