I am proud to say we have grown to support other areas too… we have also created accessible games

It’s March the 15th 2010 and I’m driving my car listening to a BBC WM Radio bulletin about this new idea of Community Games happening before the London 2012 Olympics and I thought I’m building one!

Little did I know then just how fantastic a journey it would and continues to be, especially so now as we hope to emerge from the pandemic and stage Games in the many years to come.

So far we have connected thousands of people over the years with activity providers, inspiring plenty of health and happiness along the way, in safe and friendly environments.

A core voluntary team, with their own personal community values at heart, underpin this and make it happen on every occasion.

Knowing and working with them is a wonderful experience. Everyone gives oodles of love, support and care because they all believe it matters.

Activity does matter, through the pleasure it can bring to people in using their own energy, in making friends, with winning and losing, through challenging themselves or being part of a team.

I am proud to say we have grown to support other areas too, Central Birmingham, Kings Norton, Lichfield, Tamworth and we have also created Accessible Games, specifically designed to help people with physical and learning disabilities in Sutton Coldfield and Walsall.

If 2020 had not been such a challenging time we would have added further Games in Walsall, Sandwell and at the Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital, for patients in the Oncology and Haematology Department.

So as I write this now in May 2021 we are planning for our first ‘return’ Games in Sutton Coldfield this July.

Things will be slightly different initially as our Games restart, with restricted numbers of people and activities for safety, but our dream of connecting people with local activity providers for reasons of happiness remains as strong as ever.

We all very much hope to see you soon and until then, remain safe.

Much Love 🙏