Buddy Answers Your Community Games Questions

Do you just watch the sports and activities, or can you get involved?

Great question! The Community Games is all about getting involved! The event is designed to let people – children and adults alike – have a go at loads of sports and activities. You’re welcome to just watch but there’s loads more fun to be had by getting stuck in!

Is it true I’ll get a medal for just joining in?

Yes you certainly do! We reward participation with an exclusive Games medal. To get one, all you need to do is complete 8 activities. Simply collect a sticker card when you arrive (or from one of our volunteers) and make sure you get a Buddy (that’s me!) sticker after each activity you try. Once your card is full, come down to the medal station to claim your prize!

What age is this event best for? Is it just for kids?

While there’s no denying the Community Games is incredibly popular with children, and lots of activities are oriented towards them, you’ll find something of interest whatever your age or ability, from the very young to the very old (but young at heart!). There’s plenty to do and there’s no set formula to each activity so many can be adopted to suit the individual wanting to give it a try.

Are any of the activities suitable for people with accessibility needs?

Yes, several of the activities planned are suitable for those with accessibility needs. At the time of writing, we are unable to confirm exactly what, but if you would like to understand more, please contact us 

What if it rains? Will the event still go ahead?

Of course! This is Great Britain, and all events have to be weatherproof! Plus, that’s why we all have coats, umbrellas, and wet suits. We won’t lie; if it rains, we will be a little bit sad – this year of all years, we all deserve a little bit of sunshine. But if it rains, shrug it off and come down anyway, the welcome you’ll receive will soon warm you up.

Can we eat there?

Yes, of course! You’re very welcome to bring a picnic.

Is there a bar? Or can I bring alcohol?

No, we don’t have a bar and sorry, alcohol is not permitted on the site.

Who is Buddy?

That’s me! I am the Games’ mascot. I am a sports-mad and very cute blue bear. Say hi when you see me!